CHROMA QUALITY COLORS are presently distributed by:


North America

Good Guy Tattoo Supply (Canada) | www.goodguysupply.com

Eminent Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.eminenttattoomachinesupply.com

White Rose Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.whiterosetattoosupply.com

Keystone Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.keystonetattoosupply.com

Alliance Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.alliancetattoosupply.com

Bicknee Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.bicknee.com

Pulse Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.pulsetattoo.com

Walsh Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.walshtattoosupply.com

Cream Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.creamtattoosupply.com

Lancaster Tattoo Supply (USA) | www.lancastertattoosupply.com

Franklins Tattoo and Supply (USA) | @franklinstattoodallas

Club 44 Tattoo GDL (Mexico) | @club44tattoogdl @lokot



Krautz-Ironz GmbH (Germany) | www.krautz-ironz.de

Grillo Tattoo Supply (Italy) | www.grillotattoosupply.it

In Tattoo Veritas Supplier,  SRL (Spain) | www.intattooveritas.com

OG Supply (Spain) | www.ogtattoosupply.com


Australia & New Zealand

Speedy Needle Tattoo Supply (Australia) | www.speedyneedletattoosupply.com

Iron Temper (Australia) | www.irontempersupplies.com.au

A/B Tattoo Supplies (New Zealand) | www.abtattoosupplies.com


Inquiries regarding how to become a Distributor are welcome. Please contact us.